Hanging down



medidas: 26 x 49 x 8 cm

materiales: madera metal, encajes

año: 2012


¿Who now will sing me lullabies?

scenotecnica 440 Lay me down gently, lay me down low,
I fear I am broken and won’t mend, I know.
One thing I ask when the stars light the skies,
Who now will sing me lullabies,
scenotecnica 417Oh who now will sing me lullabies.

In this big world I’m lonely, for I am but small,
Oh angels in heaven, don’t you care for me at all?
You heard my heart breaking for it rang through the skies,
So why don’t you sing me lullabies,
Oh why don’t you sing me lullabies.

I lay here  


medidas: 120 x 20 cm

año: 2012